Retrospective – Month 1

I hope you had a great week wherever you are! Our week in the Keys was great – but I’d venture to say that most weeks here are. Last weekend I was definitely feeling a little homesick or something but it passed pretty quickly. It passed while the post was still sitting in my drafts but I decided to publish it anyway because I want to document this process and that’s part of the process. It’s not all sunsets and rainbows, but it mostly is 🙂

The past month marks a HUGE milestone for us. It’s go-time on the plan now. When I started this blog on New Year’s Day of 2015 I really had no idea how soon we’d make these leaps. I was fed up with being cold, if you’ve been reading a while then I don’t have to tell you that! That New Year’s was freezing & we’d met so many people and read so many blogs by people who left the “script” behind we decided we could do it too, so we made a plan and got serious about setting it in motion. It’s been a very busy month – here’s what we’ve been up to!

We moved where it’s warm…

We moved over 1000 miles from our old home – mostly south. We’re definitely where it’s warm now! It took a few weeks to get used to the heat down here even for a hot weather lover like myself. It’s basically like the hottest few days of summer back home except it’s like that everyday. Last night the “feels like” was 97 and it felt perfect to me, so I’d say I’m acclimated now. It’s taking the dogs a little longer. We’ve been brushing them a lot more and waiting till after sunset to walk them. The process of selling our house, our stuff and leaving an area we loved wasn’t easy! You can catch up on those posts here.

Savannah was a great place to stop with the dogs! The riverfront is gorgeous and everywhere is dog friendly.


The dogs settled into our new house pretty quickly, I think they were just happy to be out of the car. We all were. Florida drivers are the worst so the last day of our drive was stressful on everyone. I guess that explains why Florida car insurance rates are double that of our old state!


An 11 coconut storm!

We’re now measuring storms based on the number of coconuts we lose & this week we had a big one, 11 coconuts! It was probably the biggest storm we’ve experienced in all of our time in the Keys. I’m glad the storm took these down. My younger dog goes from palm tree to palm tree every time he’s in the yard searching for lizards to harass and one of these coconuts could probably kill him. Did you know they kill more people year than sharks? Yep, it’s true.


We watched a lot of gorgeous sunsets!

This is the Keys after all – well known for their beautiful sunsets and we’ve enjoyed each and every one. Follow me on Twitter for more sunset pics and other stuff! SunsetsCollage

We met some of the locals…


And went on some amazing dives!

We’ve been diving every weekend which has been terrific! So far we’ve been on 14 dives and we’re going on 2 more today, in our old life that’s more than a trip’s worth. Pics to come, we’re just working on cleaning them up which takes a lot of time.

My favorite pic this month

Just gorgeous – it almost looks like a black and white but it’s untouched from my trusty iPhone camera. I took this Wednesday night at Bayside – one of our favorite spots to watch the sun set. Check it out if you come to the Keys.


My favorite quote this month

It’s not often I read a quote that sticks with me long after but this one did, I love it. Sometimes you just need to find quotes at the right time for you and this one couldn’t have been more perfectly timed for me.

Sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it afraid.

That does it for month 1 – have a terrific Sunday everyone!

Until next time …

Warm thoughts to all!

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