There are times in life when seemingly unimportant decisions lead to huge life changes, changes you couldn’t have anticipated in a million years. Changes that are totally disconnected from the event that started the ball rolling. Our move to the Keys is a great example of this…

I usually have something I want to write about but this weekend I was drawing a blank so I figured I’d sit down and see where my thoughts went and invite you along for the ride! I hope this blog will help you or someone you know see what it’s like to make big, Read More

After a crazy few weeks we’re settling into our new life in the Keys!  We’ve been here a week today although it feels like longer. I’m glad we spent the winter here. It doesn’t feel like a strange place but more like a 2nd home… and it’s actually home now (weird). Part of me still, Read More

We have to be out in just a few days and there’s still a decent amount of stuff that needs to go. Thankfully we’ve found a place for all of it, we just need to get it to its new home now. It’s been an interesting few weeks. Once we got back from house, Read More

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to get rid of all of your stuff?  I hadn’t given this aspect of the move much thought until last week when it was time to start the biggest purge of our lives & I’ve learned a lot over the past week about what truly matters, Read More

A few days ago I told you about our house hunt in the upper Keys. It wasn’t easy to decide but we made our decision and our new lease starts on July 3rd! We picked house #2. Even though we’ll have to drive more living there it’s the all around best choice for us, Read More

Well that happened fast! I thought we’d have at least 30 days before we got an offer on our house but the first people who came to look at it made us a full price offer. It was listed less than a day. I know what you’re thinking, it was under-priced, but it wasn’t!, Read More

Our house listing went live today and we already have a showing request for tomorrow. We’re ready for it to sell & we’re not at the same time. Holy roller coaster of emotions over here lately! Getting the transition phase over with will be nice though. We’re slightly worried about finding a rental in, Read More

Our house will be listed this Friday – 6 weeks later than our original goal. I had to call our agent, schedule the pictures and set the date or I think we would have been stuck in a never ending cycle of “let’s just do this or that first.” The house looks great. We’re, Read More