Hurricane Matthew

Yesterday it was looking like Matthew might hit the Keys as a category 4 after a direct hit with Cuba but this morning’s model is looking much better for us! We’re not in the cone anymore so just tropical storm conditions are predicted for us. Hopefully it’ll be windy enough to knock the brown coconuts off of our trees. I always worry they’ll fall and bonk my little guy on the head since he’s always under the trees looking for lizards.


lizard hunter!

Dive shops are predicting 8ft seas on Wednesday so while Matthew isn’t making a direct hit it’s still not a great week to visit the Keys. Everyone who works on the water can look forward to a couple of days off this week & some quality Netflix time.

Our thoughts are with the residents of Haiti & Cuba where Matthew will be the most powerful storm to hit those islands in a very long time with up to 40″ of rain expected in places.

Stay safe everyone!

Hurricane Mathew - Key Largo

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