Utila Time!

Hey Everyone!

We’re all packed and ready to go on the first flight out of here tomorrow morning. We’ve got some shows downloaded on our iPad for the plane (anyone watching HBO’s Silicon Valley?) and we’ll get a few movies to go along with them tonight. I also bought the latest Jonathon Tropper book, I love him & it’s been a challenge to save the last book I haven’t read by him for this trip.

We get so much enjoyment out of the simple act of packing & organizing our dive gear knowing we’ll be back underwater soon. We’re both really looking forward to the whole adventure of this trip. We had our traditional pre-dive-trip nachos last night at our favorite place & after packing some final details tonight we’ll be on our way.

We both have very high hopes that Utila could be the place we start out next year. It has everything we’re looking for: great diving, tons of dive shops, small community & lots of opportunities for training and instructing. At this point, Utila is going to have to show us why it’s not a great choice.

See you on the flip side!

Warm thoughts,


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