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I recently discovered a podcast that’s a great source of first hand information for anyone considering the expat life. I’m a gatherer of facts & I love hearing about other people’s experiences. My favorite book genre is by far the memoir so it’s no surprise to me that when it comes time to research a destination, blogs are my go-to medium. I now have another tool to add to my toolbox.

Enter, “The Expat Chat“. Every episode is a conversation with a different expat where you’ll learn all about their life before expatriation, where they live now, how they earn a living & the cost of living in their chosen place. Check it out, there’s something to interest every traveler in the archives from the couple who cruises around the world to people living in Malaysia, Europe & everywhere in between! I’m so glad Tony started doing this! Having this level of access into the lives of expats all over the world is a terrific resource for anyone looking to make a change.

They just released their 30th episode and it’s one of my favorite bloggers, 1dad1kid’s Talon Windwalker. I found his blog while researching Utila and have been following him ever since. I can’t wait to hear his Expat Chat episode! If you aren’t familiar with his blog, go ahead and pay it a visit … I’ll wait here 🙂  I have a ton of respect for how he’s raising his son Tigger, completely against the grain and to the beat of his own drummer. They’ve been traveling non-stop for years and while we don’t always share a love of the same destinations I always enjoy his writings on them. Tigger is one lucky kid too! His childhood is one in a zillion & I look forward to following their continued adventures as they settle down in Mexico for a while.

A few weeks ago, another one of my favorite bloggers was featured: Rika from Cubicle Throwdown. I found her blog after visiting Roatan a few times and wanted to learn more about living there & whether it was right for us. She works there as a dive instructor which was the perfect blog find as we’re hoping to do the same thing somewhere someday soon. Rika gives her readers a frank look into her life on Roatan, letting them see the high & lows always with a witty edge and some occasional profanity. She’s not afraid to tackle the less glamorous side of life in paradise and that’s exactly what I’m looking for in a blog. If you’re interested in Roatan, check out her episode here. Her blog is a great source for all things Roatan too, whether you’re planning a vacation or looking to relocate, you can find answers to all of your questions there.

Is there somewhere you’ve always dreamt of living? If so, check out The Expat Chat for real life experiences from people who have left the rat-race behind and taken a walk down the path less traveled. A path I can’t wait to get on, but we have a plan and we need to see it through so I’ll continue to be patient and live vicariously through these podcasts and my favorite bloggers until my time comes. We’re getting very close! Who knows, maybe someday there will be an episode on our expat adventures! We’d love to pay it forward and help others reach their goal of living a different life.

26 days till Mahahual! I absolutely cannot wait! I’ve said it before about other locations but I really feel like Mahahual could be our place.

Warm thoughts to all!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to our podcast interview and for the very kind words about our site!

    I’ll be interested to see what you think about Mahahual. We were there a few years ago.

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