Oh hey there! Long time no talk … I’ve been outside soaking up every single second of my favorite season! This is precisely why we need to go where it’s warm for good! There’s no reason every day of the year can’t be this way. Summer is flying by! It’s hard to believe it’s, Read More

Hi All! We’ve decided this is the year to “just say yes”! What does that mean? Basically, we’ll say “yes” to everything that comes our way that even remotely interests us. Let’s face it, once we move where it’s warm, the opportunity to see the bands we love, hike in the mountains & eat, Read More

At long last, spring has FINALLY arrived in the mid-Atlantic! It’s so nice to look at the 10-day forecast and not see a day under 60 degrees on it. What a long, cold, windy, rainy, grey winter we had. In the 10 years we’ve been here, this might have been the worst winter… or, Read More