We had an amazing week in Cozumel! We learned everything we needed to while fitting in plenty of diving and relaxation. The diving was tremendous! We just don’t have diving like that in the keys. I loved the topography, depths (the keys are very shallow) and the option for a fast drift.

The diving in Cozumel was spectacular! Every site we visited was in great condition with visibility well over 100ft every day. I loved the topography there too. I’ll never get tired of the swim throughs, sweeping walls & gorgeous pinnacles all covered in colorful life. We live in the Florida Keys and we just don’t have diving like that here., Read More

Could we be happy living in Cozumel? I think the answer is yes and that’s what we’ll be trying to figure out while we’re there. We’re leaving for Cozumel in just a few days so of course we have a hit list of things we want to accomplish there. It’s also our first vacation in a, Read More

We haven’t been on an exploratory trip in a long time, 18 months to be exact. It turns out that selling all of your stuff and moving to the Florida Keys eats up a lot of vacation time. We’re both itching to go on an adventure, get away for a bit, and check out, Read More

I’d like to introduce you to the sweet dogs of Mahahual! Some are strays who’ve carved out a section of beach to call home and some live at the various shops. They were all adorable & helped us get our dog fix – we miss our four legged kids when we travel! Read more, Read More

Ohhhhh Mahahual, I miss you! I miss the easy, laid-back days and the ‘manana’ attitude. Life moves much slower in Mahahual in the best possible way. If you’re planning a trip, this post will help you with the practical stuff: where to stay, what to pack, where to shop around town & tips for, Read More

If there’s one thing we love, it’s good food. As an added bonus, everywhere we ate in Mahahual was either completely open air or screened in. Come to think of it, we weren’t in a climate controlled place the entire week which we loved! There’s nothing better than full days lived outside in the, Read More

So you want to go to Mahahual & you’re wondering what’s the best way to get there? There’s really no ‘best way’ – there are options to fit every timeline & budget. It’s a little harder to get to Mahahual than other destinations but chances are that’s why you picked it. If you wanted easy you, Read More

We’ve had a terrific week here so far. The weather has been beautiful & everyone is so friendly. The diving has been tremendous too … until today, it’s blown out & the harbor is closed down. We’re hoping to get back out on Saturday. We spent the day on the beach in front of, Read More

We’re off to Mahahual in less than 8 hours. It’s been a crazy week at work, I easily put in 60 hours in the last 4 days but I’m more than happy to get up at 4am tomorrow to catch our flight out. I can’t wait to see Mahahual above and below sea level!, Read More