Yesterday it was looking like Matthew might hit the Keys as a category 4 after a direct hit with Cuba but this morning’s model is looking much better for us! We’re not in the cone anymore so just tropical storm conditions are predicted for us. Hopefully it’ll be windy enough to knock the brown, Read More

It’s gorgeous in the Keys right now! You can feel the summer heat (and I do mean HEAT) backing off slightly during the day with evening temperatures being just right. The ocean is the calmest it’s been since we got here and there’s a beautiful full fall moon so we decided to head out, Read More

Like a switch was flipped, everyone is gone. Welcome to “no season” in the Keys, a season even slower than “low season.” Bayside Grille (one of our sunset hangouts) was almost empty last night. We walked right up to the bar at Skipper’s for dinner and had our pick of seats. If you’ve been, Read More

I’m now a certified “Dive Against Debris” diver! Finally an event that combines two of my favorite things; diving & my love for the environment. Rainbow Reef here in Key Largo holds a “Dive Against Debris” event each month, we’ll be regulars for sure. Check out this awesome video of one of their past, Read More

Every weekend off the Florida Keys hundreds of boats gather for what’s known as “sandbar parties.”  It’s exactly what you think it is. Tons of boats anchor along the sandbar for the afternoon and everyone drinks, eats and swims in the clear shallow water. It’s like tailgating but with boats and without the sports, Read More

I hope you had a great week wherever you are! Our week in the Keys was great – but I’d venture to say that most weeks here are. Last weekend I was definitely feeling a little homesick or something but it passed pretty quickly. It passed while the post was still sitting in my, Read More

I usually have something I want to write about but this weekend I was drawing a blank so I figured I’d sit down and see where my thoughts went and invite you along for the ride! I hope this blog will help you or someone you know see what it’s like to make big, Read More

Before we moved to the Keys, I had no idea of the craziness that is lobster mini-season. People have already started pouring into the Keys, US1 southbound was slowed to a crawl all day yesterday. In total, 59,000 people will descend on Florida for this yearly event with more than half of them expected, Read More

After a crazy few weeks we’re settling into our new life in the Keys!  We’ve been here a week today although it feels like longer. I’m glad we spent the winter here. It doesn’t feel like a strange place but more like a 2nd home… and it’s actually home now (weird). Part of me still, Read More

A few days ago I told you about our house hunt in the upper Keys. It wasn’t easy to decide but we made our decision and our new lease starts on July 3rd! We picked house #2. Even though we’ll have to drive more living there it’s the all around best choice for us, Read More