Welcome to part 3 of our guide to moving to the keys! If you missed previous posts, you can find them here: is living in the keys for you? & which key is right for you?. Now that you’ve decided that you want to live here and hopefully narrowed it down to a few, Read More

When people ask where we live and we tell them in the Keys it’s always met with statements like “you’re so lucky!” or “I wish I lived there!” followed by a ton of questions so I thought it was about time for a series on moving to and living in the Keys. I’m guessing, Read More

Looking for vegetarian options in the Upper Keys can be a pretty disappointing experience. Whether you live here, are visiting or have people coming to town who are veg, we can help you find the best veg options in the Upper Keys! Our guide to the best vegetarian food will get you on your, Read More

There are times in life when seemingly unimportant decisions lead to huge life changes, changes you couldn’t have anticipated in a million years. Changes that are totally disconnected from the event that started the ball rolling. Our move to the Keys is a great example of this…

While my friends and family back home are getting pounded by a winter storm, I’m sitting on the deck listening to the palm trees rustle in the breeze enjoying my coffee. I fell in love with the Keys last winter for this very reason. Winters down here are perfect, highs around 80 and lows, Read More

Happy New Year from the Florida Keys! I hope everyone’s year ended on a great note & you achieved some of what you set out to do a year ago. If not, there’s no time like the present to reaffirm your goals! This entire year was dedicated to further simplifying our lives toward the, Read More

We’re officially Divemasters! The class schedule was more demanding than I expected it to be. I spent most of the last 8 days freezing cold, soaking wet and tired. You really hit a new level of saturated after 5 hours or more in a pool. I also had fun, learned a ton, met some, Read More

It’s hard to put into words how much I love diving, we both do. I love everything about it. Being on the boat, meeting new people & the way no two dives are the same. We haven’t been diving in two weeks because it’s been ridiculously windy and we’re both itching to get out, Read More

One of the things I love most about living in the Keys is how everything revolves around the water. Diving, paddling, snorkeling, boating or fishing – almost everyone here has something to do with the water. I also love being surrounded by like-minded people & the opportunity to get involved in so many diving, Read More

About a month ago my ScubaPro regulator started making a pretty loud whistling sound on inhale ruining not only the peacefulness of my own dives but for everyone in a pretty big radius of me. So I took it to the local repair shop. Our regulators need servicing every 2 years and were coming, Read More