We had an amazing week in Cozumel! We learned everything we needed to while fitting in plenty of diving and relaxation. The diving was tremendous! We just don’t have diving like that in the keys. I loved the topography, depths (the keys are very shallow) and the option for a fast drift.

Could we be happy living in Cozumel? I think the answer is yes and that’s what we’ll be trying to figure out while we’re there. We’re leaving for Cozumel in just a few days so of course we have a hit list of things we want to accomplish there. It’s also our first vacation in a, Read More

We haven’t been on an exploratory trip in a long time, 18 months to be exact. It turns out that selling all of your stuff and moving to the Florida Keys eats up a lot of vacation time. We’re both itching to go on an adventure, get away for a bit, and check out, Read More

Mahahual, Costa Maya

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here! Now that we’ve sold pretty much everything we own and the months on our lease are ticking by, it’s time to get serious about where we’ll go when we leave our corporate jobs. We both want to travel for a month or two, Read More

I recently discovered a podcast that’s a great source of first hand information for anyone considering the expat life. I’m a gatherer of facts & I love hearing about other people’s experiences. My favorite book genre is by far the memoir so it’s no surprise to me that when it comes time to research, Read More

Awesome news! Our time off was approved and our trip is booked! In 35 days (33 now but who’s counting) we’ll be off to sunny Cancun, Mexico! No, we’re not reliving our college spring break days, Cancun is just the gateway to our adventure. From there, we’ll hop on a shuttle to Playa Del, Read More

Roatan certainly has a lot going for it! When I bump it up against our hit list, it’s almost perfect. Almost. Let’s break down the pros & cons as they pertain to us:

There’s just something about Roatan that keeps calling us back. We’ve been there three times over the past four years and we’ve never been back anywhere before. I know it’s only a matter of time before we’re booking yet another trip there. With so many places to see & so little time to explore, Read More

We loved Utila & it has a lot going for it, but is it the place we’ll start out when we go where it’s warm? Let’s break down the pros and cons as they apply to us:

Yep, you guessed it, our next adventure is to Utila & it’s less than a month away! Utila is the smallest of the Honduran Bay Islands, also the flattest & the closest to the mainland. It’s also widely known as one the cheapest if not the cheapest place in the world for scuba certifications., Read More