September in the Keys = No Season

Like a switch was flipped, everyone is gone. Welcome to “no season” in the Keys, a season even slower than “low season.” Bayside Grille (one of our sunset hangouts) was almost empty last night. We walked right up to the bar at Skipper’s for dinner and had our pick of seats. If you’ve been there then you know that’s rare. We usually take a pass around the packed bar, gauge how close to leaving we think various parties are, then stalk our top picks. Not last night though! We walked right up to the best spots at the bar, which for us is a view of the canal. If you come during the day watch for manatees, a friend saw 3 during lunch yesterday. We saw our first manatee here too last September.

Normally packed restaurants and bars are empty and many places are even closed for the month. Driving on US 1 is a dream! I haven’t seen someone driving the wrong way on it in weeks. The dive boat last Sunday had less than half the normal amount of divers and even out on the reef there were less boats overall.

If your schedule allows it, this is a great time to visit the Keys! The weather is amazing – definitely less hot than it has been but still plenty hot. Evenings have been in the high 80s with a “feels like” temp in the low 90s, pretty much perfect. The sun is intense so you’ll still want to find some shade from the mid-day sun – or spend it underwater, my preference. The water is warm, 84 degrees last Sunday. We’re still diving without wetsuits which is the best! Don’t worry – plenty of places are still open to make for a great vacation you’ll just have the attractions more to yourself!

What are you waiting for?  Come on down!

Until next time …

Warm thoughts to all!


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