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A blogger we’ve been following for the past few years recently passed away. I noticed his blog had gone quiet in my RSS feed which was completely unlike him. He consistently posted everyday sometimes multiple posts per day. He’d also been having some health issues that he recently asked his readers to help identify so I was worried. I looked up a mutual friend which confirmed the worst, that he’d passed a short time ago.

The blog is Costa Maya Life authored by Stewart Rogers from South Carolina. Stewart loved Mexico especially Mahahual and could always be found on the malecon on cruise ship days. He loved meeting the passengers and chatting them up about anything and everything. He also loved college sports, baseball hats, and hormel chili.

When we decided to plan a trip to Mahahual it was hard to find first hand info from someone on the ground until we found Stewart’s blog. While we sifted through his many posts looking for tips on how to get there, where to stay, and who to dive with, we came to enjoy all the quirky posts in between. When we finally made it to Mahahual meeting Stewart and bringing him a hat was on our must-do list. I’m glad we had the chance to meet him. We stayed for a week above the Tropicante and ran into him multiple times a day either on the beach, on the malecon, or over at the casitas. I’ll miss him and his daily musings about all things Mexico and Mahahual.

Stewart’s favorite spot on the malecon

Mexico lost one of its biggest advocates when Stewart passed. The cover picture for this post was taken from the Tropicante apartment after a storm. I thought it was the perfect picture to send Stewart off with. Rest easy friend!



Until next time…. 


Stay Warm Friends!

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9 Comments on “Rest easy friend

  1. OMG I’m devastated! I thought something was wrong. Do you know if he was buried in Mahahual or South Carolina? OMG I’m in shock. Thank you for posting this and responding to my message.

    • I just had such a bad feeling when I saw his blog go quiet for a few days, so unlike him. Totally shocked. I’m not sure if he’s buried in Mahahual or SC.

      • Thank you so much for posting. I’ve tried to find something in Mahahual or South Carolina like an obituary but no luck. So many people follow his blog and had or have no idea. We are headed down in December and can’t imagine he won’t be there.

        • 🙁 it’ll be weird for sure, he was definitely a fixture. Are you heading down by cruise or staying there a while? We absolutely loved Mahahual. We’re winding down our careers and lives in the US and looking to make a permanent move outside the country within the next 15 months. Mahahual is at the top of the list. Very few drawbacks to being there. And we have Stewart to thank for all the info on his blog before we went down there!

          • We went the first time in 2003 on a cruise. It was truly an old West type town back then. I fell in love and have dreamed of moving there ever since. Now it’s lots bigger but still small enough to keep its charm. We are heading down for a week probably over New Years. Definitely was looking to Stewart for guidance as it has changed in the past 3 years since we were there. Probably stay for a week.

  2. Thanks. We are divers and hope to dive 2 or 3 times while we are there. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too. I know it’s a lot of work. Thanks for all the info.

  3. Stewart is the reason I wanted to visit mahahual. Unfortunately he passed before our arrival this summer. I did speak with quit a few people who knew Stewart and spoke very fondly of him. The guys at the crazy lobster really miss him. I would love to be able to live there and do what he did. Once you get there you really understand why he was so passionate about the area.

    • Mahahual is a special place for sure & Stewart is surely missed. We’ll definitely be going back!

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