How can you help the Keys post Irma?

A lot of people are asking how they can help the Keys post Irma … the answer is simple….

The best way you can help is to come down and support your favorite places! I’m in the Upper Keys (Key Largo/Islamorada) where things are slowly but steadily getting back to normal. There are still signs of Irma here, it’ll be a while till she’s erased, but most of your favorite places are open and they need your support to get through this.

Taken at Lorelai

Almost every restaurant has reopened. They might have a spray painted sign on plywood telling you so but they’re open. I think it gives the Keys an even more Keysy feel 🙂  A bunch of dive operators are running daily trips too: Rainbow Reef, Horizon Divers & Ocean Divers to name a few. If you want to paddle, I highly recommend checking out Paddle! The Florida Keys. They have some great deals going on right now and can take you on an awesome paddle. Why not take a tour of toilet seat cut then grab a beer at the Florida Keys Brewing Company? That sounds like a great Keys day to me!

We have cold drinks, gorgeous sunsets, great paddles & diving waiting for you! If you need any tips on what to do or where to go, let me know! Hope to see you soon!

Bayside Grille – post Irma calm.


Until next time …


Stay warm friends!

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