Diving in Cozumel

The diving in Cozumel was spectacular! Every site we visited was in great condition with visibility well over 100ft every day. I loved the topography there too. I’ll never get tired of the swim throughs, sweeping walls & gorgeous pinnacles all covered in colorful life. We live in the Florida Keys and we just don’t have diving like that here. It’s either very shallow reefs or a few deep wrecks but no real topography outside of a few “walls” (more like slopes) but they’re nothing compared to Cozumel.

We had perfect weather our entire trip too. The wind was calm and the sea was nice and flat. I love it when everything comes together for a trip! It was a perfect week!

Here are some highlights from the week courtesy of Bill Goers, enjoy!

The splendid toadfish is endemic to Cozumel. A gorgeous fish with a slightly grouchy little face, I’ll never get tired of looking at them!

Left to right: a bristle worm, a nudibranch &  banded coral shrimp in a barrel sponge

Long-snouted seahorse – we got such a great view of this guy/gal! What’s not to love! Definitely one of the week’s highlights for me!

I never get tired of hanging out with turtles – just beautiful!

A bit of the topography, can’t wait to go back!


Happy bubbles!


Until next time…


Stay warm friends!



Cover photo by Bill Goers.

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