There are times in life when seemingly unimportant decisions lead to huge life changes, changes you couldn’t have anticipated in a million years. Changes that are totally disconnected from the event that started the ball rolling. Our move to the Keys is a great example of this…

One of the things I love most about living in the Keys is how everything revolves around the water. Diving, paddling, snorkeling, boating or fishing – almost everyone here has something to do with the water. I also love being surrounded by like-minded people & the opportunity to get involved in so many diving, Read More

There are no beaches in the Keys! People are always surprised when I tell them this but the Keys are made of coral and rock, hence the great diving and complete lack of beaches. There are a few man-made ones and a few small natural ones but I guarantee you they’re not what you, Read More

Like a switch was flipped, everyone is gone. Welcome to “no season” in the Keys, a season even slower than “low season.” Bayside Grille (one of our sunset hangouts) was almost empty last night. We walked right up to the bar at Skipper’s for dinner and had our pick of seats. If you’ve been, Read More

Mahahual, Costa Maya

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here! Now that we’ve sold pretty much everything we own and the months on our lease are ticking by, it’s time to get serious about where we’ll go when we leave our corporate jobs. We both want to travel for a month or two, Read More

I usually have something I want to write about but this weekend I was drawing a blank so I figured I’d sit down and see where my thoughts went and invite you along for the ride! I hope this blog will help you or someone you know see what it’s like to make big, Read More

Sometimes it’s nice to get away even if it’s just for a couple of days. There’s something restorative about a change of scenery & about not having anything to do. There are no chores, yard work or dogs to take care of (love my dogs!) – just downtime. We recently returned from 2 nights, Read More

Looking for vegetarian food in the upper Keys might seem like an impossible task but buried in the sea of fried fish sandwiches there’s some okay food to be had if you know where to look. We’ve traveled a decent amount & the Keys has the most uninspired food of anywhere we’ve ever been., Read More

….and we’re back! We got home around 4:00 yesterday. It was nice to get home early and have enough time to unload the car, get our house up and running and even do a little unpacking. It was also cold and it’s cold again today. And while it’s good to be home, it also, Read More

Hi from the Keys! Week 10 already? I can’t believe a week from today we’ll be waking up in a hotel in Savannah on our way home. 10 weeks. It went by fast and slow at the same time. I love it here, we both do and neither of us wants to leave. I, Read More