Whatever dive mood you’re in Bonaire has a site to match it! Want to go on a lazy dive with an easy entry/exit? No problem. Feeling adventurous? Check out Oil Slick Leap or the famous 1000 Steps. One thing’s for sure, whichever site you choose you won’t be disappointed. 

If you’re in Bonaire to DIVE, DIVE, DIVE then you’ll likely have a day on land before your flight home. What to do? Go see the donkeys at the sanctuary! I promise they’ll make you laugh harder than you have in a long time! Your visit also allows the sanctuary to continue providing for the, Read More

We’re getting off this rock in a few days and heading to another rock. We’ve been planning to take a trip for a while now but the 2017 hurricane season had other plans for us. We already have the flight credit and the time off of work which we either use or lose so we’re, Read More

In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s a monster hurricane brewing out in the Atlantic. It’s still a ways out but her path is threatening enough that we decided to move our trip to St. Croix to next month. It’s completely worth paying the change fees not to be caught in a dangerous storm on, Read More

It’s time for another exploratory trip. Since we’re staying in the Keys another year we’ll be keeping our jobs another year which means money for travel. We figured we should take advantage of that and check out a few more potential places. In less than a month we’ll be exploring another potential future home,, Read More

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in planning a dive trip is who to dive with. This one choice can make or break your trip. If you dive every day like we did you’ll be spending a lot of time with your choice, 5-6 hours a day, so you really need to get this right. There are, Read More

We had an amazing week in Cozumel! We learned everything we needed to while fitting in plenty of diving and relaxation. The diving was tremendous! We just don’t have diving like that in the keys. I loved the topography, depths (the keys are very shallow) and the option for a fast drift.

The diving in Cozumel was spectacular! Every site we visited was in great condition with visibility well over 100ft every day. I loved the topography there too. I’ll never get tired of the swim throughs, sweeping walls & gorgeous pinnacles all covered in colorful life. We live in the Florida Keys and we just don’t have diving like that here., Read More

I always say “everywhere has something and no where has everything” and it’s remained true so far in my life. I miss something about everywhere I’ve lived. When I left New England for coastal Virginia I missed mountains, hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing (although not winter) and the sound of natural running water. In, Read More

Season 3 of Bloodline will be out this Friday and we can’t wait to see what the Rayburn family will get into next! We’ve been rewatching seasons 1 & 2 to get ready for it and now that we’ve been here a while we recognize just about everywhere they’re filming. I guess that’s what happens when, Read More