The Keys are definitely in a catch-22 situation right now. It’s been widely advertised that the Keys are open for business. The economy here needs tourists to survive and recover but you should know what to expect when you get here. I haven’t been down to Key West yet but I can tell you the, Read More

Irma took almost all of the sand that used to surround the reefs with her. So what happened to the critters who make their home in the sand? It’s a great question and one I don’t have an answer to… yet. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been able to find so far.

I couldn’t wait to see the reefs post Irma. A huge shoutout to Ocean Divers and Rainbow Reef for hosting a free dive for locals to take a break from the storm cleanup. That was extremely generous and much appreciated!

A lot of people are asking how they can help the Keys post Irma … the answer is simple….

We’re back in the Keys. We’ve actually been back for a week now but I was too busy with everything here to even think about the blog until now. We left the island for 12 days, first heading to Tampa where the storm followed us then to Virginia to stay with family for a while. When, Read More

In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s a monster hurricane brewing out in the Atlantic. It’s still a ways out but her path is threatening enough that we decided to move our trip to St. Croix to next month. It’s completely worth paying the change fees not to be caught in a dangerous storm on, Read More

It’s time for another exploratory trip. Since we’re staying in the Keys another year we’ll be keeping our jobs another year which means money for travel. We figured we should take advantage of that and check out a few more potential places. In less than a month we’ll be exploring another potential future home,, Read More

It’s easy to miss a problem that you can’t see but thanks to the film Chasing Coral everyone can see first hand what’s happening in our oceans and it’s sad, scary & time sensitive. It’s also not too late. If you haven’t seen the film yet, what are you waiting for? It’s a global crisis that needs, Read More

Summer in the Keys is freaking hot, especially August. I don’t mind it though, I love the hot steamy weather. That said, the heat and humidity are pretty ridiculous. The WTForecast app seems to agree. It’s been treating me to some great weather updates lately. If you haven’t downloaded it yet you should. I have no, Read More

I feel lucky every time I get to see a manatee. Just last night I came across a group of six on my kayak, what a great way to end the day! I hope you’ll be lucky enough to see them while you’re here in Key Largo. Read on for my top spots to, Read More