We just got back from 8 wonderful days on Saba! We booked this trip over 6 months ago and had been counting the down the days leading up to it. Saba far exceeded our expectations and we’ll definitely be back. What a unique island! We loved absolutely everything about it & have a lot, Read More

We’re absolutely thrilled to report that our final rental property closed today! That’s another huge variable resolved. The only big things left to sell now are our residence which we’ll sell next spring before we leave, our cars which will be easy and our furniture which we don’t have all that much of anyway., Read More

Just a quick post this weekend. It’s finally warm-ish here! Not as warm as I’d like, but I’ll take it. A 65 degree sunny day in early February is a wonderful gift, so we’ll be outside taking advantage of it all day. More to come next weekend on locations when it’s supposed to be, Read More

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone & GO PATS!!! I don’t think there are many people reading this since it’s anonymous and I haven’t advertised it. If you are reading this then I hope you’re having a nice Sunday 🙂  It’s extremely cold here (cold for us at least) … about 24 and very windy, Read More

In case you’re curious, here’s a bit more about us. We’re a couple in our late 30s, both 37 as of this writing. We live on the mid-Atlantic coast just a few blocks from the water. We absolutely love our neighborhood! It’s made up of an eclectic group of beach lovers & we’ve met, Read More

We love to read! Fiction, non-fiction, memoirs … you name it, we read it.  I can’t imagine life without books. We’ll need reliable access to books when we go where it’s warm so yesterday we signed up for library cards. I haven’t had a library card since I was a kid & I now, Read More

I’m not talking about resolutions to diet or exercise, I’m talking about Hoppin’ John! Hoppin’ John is a traditional New Year’s day meal in the south and is meant to set the tone for the coming year to be a prosperous year filled with good luck. It’s made with black eyed peas or field peas,, Read More

Happy New Year everyone! Today seems like a fitting day for our first post! It’s a day for new beginnings and we’ll be working toward some huge life changes in 2015! If all goes as planned, 2015 will be our last full year in the states for a long time, maybe forever. It’s a, Read More