Before we moved to the Keys, I had no idea of the craziness that is lobster mini-season. People have already started pouring into the Keys, US1 southbound was slowed to a crawl all day yesterday. In total, 59,000 people will descend on Florida for this yearly event with more than half of them expected, Read More

We went on our 100th dive this morning! If you’re not a diver you’re probably thinking to yourself “what’s the big deal?”, if you are a diver I bet you’re wondering if we stuck with a longstanding tradition …read on for answers to both 🙂

It’s here! We splurged on underwater housing for our camera and it just came in! They were running a special too, buy the housing and get a body & lens for $50! That’s a huge value! We sold the extra lens for $50 but we’ll keep the body as a spare. It’s a last, Read More

Now for my most important post about Utila, the DIVING!!! If you’re planning a trip to Utila, picking a shop to dive with can feel pretty daunting with all of the choices on the island. Every shop is unique with its own vibe & personality so it’s important to get this right. After a, Read More

Our posts about diving in Saba wouldn’t complete without a big shout out to Sea Saba – Advanced Dive Center! A terrific experience all around.

The diving was extraordinary! We’d been putting off going to Saba until we had our AOW certification and some experience under our belts and I’m definitely glad we did. We were able to dive all of the sites with complete confidence and focus on the unique underwater topography that makes Saba so special. When, Read More