Busy, busy, busy…

What’s up everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I hope you’re all out enjoying some nice spring weather! The weather has been hit and miss here, mostly miss. The winter just doesn’t want to loosen its grip on us! It will have to let us go soon though, spring is definitely in the air. We usually have veggies planted by now but it’s still too cold at night for tomatoes and peppers. The 10-day forecast is finally looking good for the nighttime temps so this weekend we should be able to finish the garden.

The reason I’ve been quiet over the last couple of weeks is because we’ve been extremely busy! Springtime = lots of work! It’s always a busy time for us in our yard and this year is no exception. There are weeds to pull, beds to cut, mulch to spread, veggie boxes to prep and general cleanup from the winter. It usually takes us a few dedicated weekends to get everything done. We love our yard and spend as much time as possible in it all summer so the upfront work is well worth it. Over the years we’ve replaced our landscaping with native plants that tolerate the conditions here well & require very little ongoing maintenance. Once we get through this burst of activity it’s pretty much smooth sailing all summer with just a couple of hours a week to keep it up.

In addition to all of the outside stuff we also decided to renovate our upstairs which contains our bedroom and bathroom. It’s a fairly small area but still a lot of work. I started with painting the ceilings about a month ago. If you’ve never had the pleasure of painting ceilings I can tell you that it pretty much sucks but it makes the final result look crisp & clean. I did it with a roller on a step stool so my face and hair were splattered with paint for a good week. We’re in the home stretch now though. The walls are done & we just have a bit more trim to do, then we’ll have the contractors come and replace the mirror, lighting, vanity, tile the bathroom and replace the carpet in the bedroom. We’ll tie it all together with new bedding & a matching shower curtain. We fixed up the downstairs 3 years ago & had been putting off the upstairs mostly because it’s just our room up there & no one sees it so there’s not a lot of motivation. To go where it’s warm, we need to sell our house and this project will definitely help our house sell. Another big step toward our goal.

Why didn’t we tackle the upstairs over the winter you ask when we were stuck inside? GREAT question! I blame it on a horrible case of seasonal affective disorder! This past winter was completely discouraging so we did the only thing we could do; lit some candles, opened some wine, ate some cheese, got fat, read books, watched Netflix and let the chores stack up! Now we’re in crunch mode trying to get it all done before our next adventure, more about that in a future post!

Come on warm weather!!

Warm thoughts to all!

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