Are you for SCUBA?

Thanks to the Scuba Girls of Key Largo for posting this a few days ago. Very timely! Not only do I love this movie (it’s so quotable) but we are indeed for scuba and we’re heading to Key Largo in just 9 days! We decided to pay Key Largo a visit on our way back from Utila in May. The water was so gorgeous flying over, it’s an easy trip for us & it offers the best diving in the US.


Once we made the decision to go to Key Largo for a long weekend I did what I always do when we decide to go somewhere new, start following everything I can find about the diving on social media & blogs. The Scuba Girls are definitely my peeps, I love following their adventures and they have some great underwater photographers among them. We’re definitely excited to experience the diving for ourselves & to check out the overall area. Someone recorded bottom temps in the mid-80s on the Spiegel Grove wreck this week! I might actually get too warm in my 3mm, we’ll see! Being too warm isn’t generally a problem for me.

Are you still wondering what movie that pic is from? Step away from your computer and go rent Along Came Polly right now. You won’t regret it. You’ll need to watch it a few times to get the full effect of all of the quirky characters & silly details scattered throughout. I particularly love the scene where Ben Stiller is sweating profusely on their date at the Ethiopian restaurant, what follows is priceless.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to be back underwater & am just counting down the days! My fingers are crossed that all of the tropical storms and hurricanes stay away from the keys till after our trip.


me in my happy place 🙂 (Roatan)

Warm thoughts to all!

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