And the winner is …

A few days ago I told you about our house hunt in the upper Keys. It wasn’t easy to decide but we made our decision and our new lease starts on July 3rd! We picked house #2. Even though we’ll have to drive more living there it’s the all around best choice for us and the dogs. We’ll definitely be exploring longer bike rides to our favorite places and maybe we’ll even discover some new ones. We love walking and biking places. Not getting in the car is more relaxing and a little exercise is a nice way to offset a few beers, win-win!

I can’t tell you enough how much I love pro-con lists when there’s a big decision to be made. House #1 was perfect on the surface, we both thought so as we were looking at it, but once I laid out the pros and cons of each place House #2 was the clear winner with 10 pros to 2 cons versus house #1’s 6 pros to 4 cons.

The features of House #2 I’m most excited about are: the huge amount of outdoor living space, the fenced yard & being so close to Pennekamp. It’s just a 5 minute drive to the pool and yoga too, as far as drives go I think I can deal with it. Dissolving our household here is stressful but we’ll get through it and I love that my final week in the mid-Atlantic will be spent in a beachfront condo on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a place that’s become a second home to me.

The logistics of our move with be a little hard to juggle but we’ll work it out – we always do.

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!

Warm thoughts to all!


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