About Us

Welcome to Go Where It’s Warm!

We’re a couple in our late 30s who are tired of the corporate grind and have decided to take a chance, leave it all behind and find a more simple life doing something we’re passionate about and for a while nothing at all. We love the ocean, animals (especially our two dogs!), diving, bird watching, paddling, sunsets, and pretty much anything outside. Follow us on our journey to a different life!

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Connect with us…

We’d love to hear from you and how you’re breaking away from the norm! You can connect with us on twitter or email us at gowhereitswarm2016@gmail.com. You won’t find us on Facebook yet – only our family and a few friends know about our plan to leave and it needs to stay that way for now (we need a jobs a little while longer) and Facebook is scary good at connecting people.